February 6, 2015

Five on Friday

Linking up with the ladies to talk about my five favorite things on Friday! The fact that it is Friday is probably my most favorite thing right now but here are my other faves from the past week:

1. Favorite Valentine's Day Dessert: I have to admit that I am one of those people that likes the ole love day. It makes my heart happy to do sappy romantic things with my husband. G and I usually stay in and make a big, fancy dinner on Valentine's Day and I absolutely love this tradition. He makes the dinner and I am in charge of dessert. I think this Chocolate Italian Love Cake from Chew Nibble Nosh is the winner this year. It reminds me a bit of tiramisu, which we ate so much of in Italy, but it also reminds me of a dessert I made the first year we started this V-Day tradition. The best of both worlds! 

2.Favorite Workout: Of course, after I've eaten delicious dinner and then that cake above I'm going to need to hit the gym. I've been doing some walking intervals on the treadmill but I need to take it up a notch to really torch some calories plus I have a 5k coming up and I'd like to not be last to get to the beer so I am going to incorporate this pyramid interval starting tomorrow hopefully. 

3. Favorite TV Show: I am really loving Jane the Virgin. It's kind of got a campy vibe going on but it's funny and I think the acting is superb. Gina Rodriquez definitely deserved her Golden Globe win and the rest of the cast is pretty amazing as well. 

4. Favorite Room: I guess this is actually more of an entry way/hallway but I think it is gorgeous! Kate Marker is the designer, check her out if you haven't already, she is incredibly talented. I love the clean crispness of her designs and I think the use of the bold rug is what really sets this room apart for me. 

5. Favorite Denim: A most horrible thing happened recently, both knees of my favorite pair of jeans became so threadbare they finally ripped. I still planning on wearing them since the ripped look is in and all but I think it is necessary to own a pair of jeans that isn't ripped because well, you can't always wear ripped jeans. The jeans that ripped are from Gap so while I was at the mall last weekend I decided to stop in and see what kind of selection the had. I ended up purchasing two pairs of the new Resolution Denim in True Skinny. I am really happy with them! They fit really nicely, have a bit of higher waist, and I think they make my butt look decent enough! The only issue I have is that I wish the ankle were  a tad tighter but do also like that I can roll them up for a different look. I got them in both a dark and light color, seen below. New jeans are so exciting. 



  1. That dessert looks delicious! I love anything with a chocolate mousse.

  2. I love Jane the Virgin too. Have you watched The Americans???

  3. OHHHHHH my goodness that dessert looks DIVINE! Yes, please! xx


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