October 5, 2015

Monday Musings: Wish List

Untitled #17

J. McLaughlin Shane Sweater//J.McLaughlin Doran Cashmere Sweater//J.McLaughlin Frida Colorblock Sweater
J.McLaughlin Sataya Sweater//J.McLaughlin Margaret Sweater//J.McLaughlin Pence Cashmere Poncho

Crushing hard on these sweaters from J.McLaughlin this fall! Loving the laid back but structured silhouette of these options. There are other colors available but as usual, I'm partial to the neutrals. I am especially into the Pence poncho, it looks so comfortable and I love the sleeves! The back of the Doran sweater is super cute and the Sataya sweater has a vegan leather elbow stripe that gives a typical striped sweater a little something extra (currently on sale)!

I hope everyone has a nice Monday and your weeks get off to a good start. We were very lucky that the hurricane missed us this weekend. We've experienced what's happening down in South Carolina and my heart goes out to all those affected. 

October 1, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday: Master Bathroom Refresh

Master Bathroom Refresh

I mentioned a few weeks back that with the impending arrival of the tiny human, we've been tackling some house projects that we've wanted to complete. One of those was the master bathroom. The first order of business was the paint. The color, honestly, wasn't terrible and I probably wouldn't have changed it but the paint job itself was really shoddy. I made a terrible mistake initially and painted the bathroom Sherwin Williams 'Watery'. Uh, it was AWFUL in our bathroom which is a shame because it looks beautiful in other peoples' homes. The color was too bright for the space and made the space look very outdated. Very early 90s turquoise. Perhaps if I had cut it, it might have worked but ultimately I decided to repaint the bathroom Sherwin Williams 'Sea Salt' and am much happier with that decision. It is a green-blue-gray color but reads mostly light green in our bathroom. It is a beautiful, versatile color! 

The hardware that was used for the toilet paper, towels, and the hooks on the back of the door were improperly hung and have been falling off the walls since we moved in. We are replacing all of that hardware with the Glacier Bay Constructor Series from Home Depot. I love the bright chrome and the clean lines of thiseries. Given the airy nature of the Sea Salt in the space, I think the hardware will contribute to the overall serene feeling I am going for. 

Glacier Bay Constructor 3-Piece Bath Accessory Kit in Chrome

As far as new decoration is concerned, we are in desperate need of an extra long shower curtain and I love the bold stripes of this shower curtain as it adds some color without being too overwhelming. I'd also love to add some color in with these turkish towels but I am a little hesitant to click buy on these as I really prefer thicker towels and I'm just not sure these will cut it. How adorable are these Evelyn Henson prints? I am a sucker for a cute animal print and I think I could get my husband on board with these, as well! 

Thoughts for Thursday

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