February 13, 2018

February 9, 2018

Five on Friday!

1. These booties arrived in the mail yesterday and I love them! I've been on the hunt for a pair of black booties and have bought and returned 2 other pairs. I like leather for black booties as opposed to suede and I think the contrasting sole is what is really sold me on these. The only snag is I think I need to go up a half size. This is not usually the case for me, even when it's suggested by reviews, but this time it may be? My feet aren't not swollen at all with this pregnancy, either so thinking it may be the shoe. Thankfully, my local Nordstrom has these in stock so I'm going to swing by today and try on the 8.5. Did I mention they're on sale??

2. Has anyone ever tried a subscription razor service? I heard about Billie and few months back and was intrigued but haven't actually ordered yet. I feel like I go look at razor cartridges at Target, decide to wait until the next trip because they're so expensive, forget, and then don't have a razor when I need it. Having them delivered would, theoreticaly, eliminate this problem. For just $9, Billie (or Dollar Shave Club) will send you 4 replacement blades (after initial delivery of razor) either every month, two months, or three months depending how often you shave. You can add shave cream, body wash, and lotion for an additional fee. Dollar Shave Club accomplishes the same thing for the same price but Billie is geared specifically toward women (colorful razors, ergonomic design for women, etc). I'll let you know if I decide to order! 

3. I have warm weather on the brain and am counting down the days until our trip to Rosemary Beach in May. Loving this cover-up for days by the beach and the pool in the months to come. Seeing as I'll have a very young baby this summer, comfy and easy are calling my name!

4. Valentine's Day is next week and I always like to make a themed treat for 'holidays' like these and recently came across these M&M's Valentine's Day Cookie Bars by Melissa over at No.2 Pencil. I am a sucker for M&M anything and prefer them in a cookie or cookie bar or ice cream sandwich but have also been known to eat an entire (big) bag myself. Also, how delicious do these Red Velvet Cake Mix Cinnamon Rolls look? These would be perfect for Valentine's Day breakfast!

5. Anybody watching the Winter Olympics? I'm a Summer Olympics girl myself but do tune into the figure skating, the snowboarding, and the skiing. I'm definitely pumped to watch Lindsay Vonn make a comback after all of her injuries and excited to see Shaun White at the Olympics again, as well. 
I would definitely medal in this sport. 

Happy Friday, ya'll! Hope you have a great weekend

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February 6, 2018

Color Crush: Light Blue

dress // duvet // top

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January 31, 2018

Wish List Wednesday

Welcome back to Wish List Wednesday here on Charm City Chic! It's back to being freezing here and this week you can tell I've got post-baby and warm weather on the brain by this list! I'm so ready for both this baby and spring to arrive! 

I absolutely love the colors of this sweater! I think it would be so cute now with a pair of dark jeans and then with a pair of jean shorts when the weather warms up in a few months. 

I came so close to buying this sweater a couple of weeks ago but the lukewarm reviews on the website deterred me. Then I stopped into a J.Crew store last week and the salesperson was wearing it and it was so, so cute on her. I've seen on a couple of blogger since then as well and it is adorable on them, too! I probably need to try it on myself in order to decide but I am loving it and that soft pink color, so good!

I imagine pairing this with jean shorts or khaki shorts for one of those cool late spring/early summer days. I live for those days. When it is the perfect temperature for a sweater and shorts combo. Sigh. It'll be awhile before those days get here and then they'll be gone in a flash. 

It'll be a looooong time before I am back in high waisted jeans but I love the button detailing and the raw hem on this pair. 

You know what I absolutely don't need in my closet? Another pullover. But this one looks so soft and comfortable and I spy thumb holes which basically means I'd pay another $100 dollars to have this in my closet. Anyone else crazy about thumb holes??

There is still a lot of good stuff left in the Tuckernuck sale (use code GROUNDHOG for an extra 30% off sale items), including this dress for just $28!! I may or may not have added this to my cart this morning. I mean that price is outrageously good! 

My love for stripes is reaching a fever pitch. My closet is basically all stripes these days but I just can't stop! I love the colors of this tee and think it would be so cute with white jeans! I have several Madewell tee shirts and they are my favorite. 

I've posted about these earrings before and I haven't stopped thinking about them. The color combo is stunning and they would elevate any outfit, in my opinion! 

I love a good graphic tee to thrown on with a pair of jeans and sneakers. I love the little heart detail over the "I"!

Saving the biggest splurge for last here today. I have not yet worked out a way to spend the money on La Mer products but I am sooooo tempted by this eye concentrate. As I'm sure most of you know, the word on the street is that La Mer actually works and as I age, I really do believe in spending money on quality products that do what they say they will. But. Ugh. Still so expensive! Maybe as a push present to myself??

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January 30, 2018

January 29, 2018

Monday Style

Hat (old, similar here) // Top // Bag
Jeans // Boots (and here on sale in a few sizes) // Sunglasses

It's hard to believe I only have a few more weeks left with this bump! I've said it before but this pregnancy really picked up speed in my last trimester and now there is less than a month to go!

I am still living in easy tee shirts and jeans and for this look, I added my favorite pair of boots. I got these boots last winter and they are really comfortable and warm. I wore them to walk around Manhattan on a freezing December day last year and had nary a blister, which is a miracle! The quality is fantastic and I can tell these boots are going to last forever.  I'd love to get another pair and have my eye on these

P.S. - how cute is the photo bomber in the second to last pic? Wanting to snap pictures like his mommy was doing! Photo cred goes to my sis of East Coast Chic!

Happy Monday, friends! Hard to believe we are in the last few days of January! 

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January 26, 2018

Five on Friday!

Phew, we made it to Friday! On Sunday, I got the stomach bug that seems to be running rampant and then my husband came down with it on Monday so we've been in recovery mode around here all week! J (the toddler) has been spared so far so fingers crossed it stays that way. 

Shall we move on to more fun topics and get to my Friday favorites?

1. I love  Tuckernuck and yet somehow didn't realize they sell housewares also?? I guess I've been too distracted by the amazing clothes! Now to figure out how to get all these pieces into my home...

2. J is growing out of his navy blue sneakers that he wears practically everyday, "blue shoes" he yells every time we get dressed and while I love the pair he has, I'd like to get him something a little more formal. How cute are these  Vans? I like the fake laces vs. the velcro he's been wearing. 

3. I finished up my first book of 2018 last night and it was definitely a winner! It's called,  "All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting". It is NOT a parenting how-to book (though I found a few take-aways) but rather a social psychology book about the effect kids have on their parents. I found it incredibly interesting and would definitely recommend it. I've heard the author, Jennifer Senior, on the TED Radio Hour podcast before and she's very well-spoken and it translates well into her writing. 

4. We got our new duvet cover from Serena & Lily last week and I can't say enough good things about it! I love the pop of color it adds to our bedroom and I am so happy to be rid of our old comforter! We got the  Oxford Stripe Duvet and I love that, while colorful, the simple stripes mean we can add different patterns and textures to complete the look!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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