April 18, 2013

Summer Wish List

Summer Wish List

Summer Wish List by prissyt featuring roxy bikini

Spring has finally sprung in Maryland but I can assure it won't be here for long! Soon, we'll be bemoaning the heat and longing for the few days that Spring is actually here. BUT! BUT! that means that summer vacation is right around the corner! There are 41 days left in the school year and with that, I've been dreaming about the warm weather and all that comes with it! Unfortunately, husband says I am cut off from buying anymore clothes for summer but here is my wish list if my bank account was bottomless!

1. J.Crew Dree Dress // This dress is so beautiful in person. I was really tempted to buy and then ask G for forgiveness for having bought another dress "that I'm going to wear to every wedding we have this summer!" Go buy it if you still have a summer clothing budget!
 2. Rikshaw Design Waves Classic Kurta // I recently saw this tunic in person as. I seriously wanted to put it on and walk out of the store. It is a lightweight fabric that would be perfect for summer. Alas, my aversion to jail stopped me from taking the damn thing and running. 
3. J.Crew Chino Short in Sea Glass // I probably own 10 pairs of these shorts in an array of colors. Adding this punchy green would be the perfect complement to all the colors I already own!
4.Anthropologie Fontes Blouse in Blue Motif // I posted about this blouse awhile back. I still don't own it and I still love. It would be so cute with white jeans or shorts. 
5. Roxy Draped Bikini // Sadly this bikini is unavailable right now. I guess it makes sense since scalloped anything is like the coolest thing since sliced bread. It looks comfortable. 
6. Kate Spade Trendy Sandal // I love the bow detail. Think its adorable. However, I just bought Chucks so I'm not really sure where my shoe style is going right now. 

So, tell me- what's on your summer wish list? 

Happy Thursday, friends!  

April 3, 2013

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Our guest bedroom is in quite a state. First of all it is painted a weird peachy orange. The blinds on the windows are cheap and the strings are all tangled up. The dresser that currently resides in there is from God knows when- it is old. It is my goal over the summer to update this room as well as get a desk in there so we have a space to get work done when we are home. 

This picture is serving as my inspiration:
The color on the wall — Benjamin Moore's Harbor Haze — also freshens up a very traditional floral headboard. Design: Allison Caccoma. 

I love the wall color- Benjamin Moore Harbor Haze .  I also love the idea of a floral headboard and am going to try my hand at DIY-ing a headboard. 

The dresser is going to get sanded down and get a fresh coat of paint. I'm thinking a variation of kelly green for the dresser. Kind of like this (with different knobs):

Kelly green dresser 
I have two brown wood bedside tables that will remain as is in there. The bed is currently draped in this and that will stay as well: 

Room Essentials® Rugby Stripe Duvet Cover - Navy
I am currently on the hunt for a desk. I found one I liked at Ikea but my husband is currently over Ikea because the dresser in our room is pretty much falling apart. I would also like to add Roman shades to the windows in the room but those things are pricey so I'm trying to hunt down the best price!

This is what I am thinking so far. Who knows what the end product will look like!

April 1, 2013

Day at the Aquarium!

Day at the Aquarium!

Day at the Aquarium! by prissyt featuring petite straight leg jeans

The sun is shining and the temperature is slowly rising in Baltimore! G is off work today so we are heading down to the Inner Harbor to go to the aquarium which I haven't been to in years so I'm really looking forward to it. I've recently decided that my closet is lacking in decent looking "chill" clothes if you will so if I had a budget for these types of clothes this is what I would be rocking to the aquarium!
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