September 18, 2012


{view from the kitchen}

We closed on our house yesterday morning after a long, arduous 2 months! It feels so good to finally be homeowners. We had the painters in there first thing this morning and we will be officially moving in on Friday! I cannot wait! I'll likely be away from the blog until after all this goes down, but I'll be back once everything is up and running!

September 13, 2012

Gray Paint Inspiration Photos

Since we close on the new house in less than a week and all of our paperwork is signed, sealed, delivered I don't feel so superstititous sharing some details about the house. We are painting the downstairs, our bedroom, and possibly the master bathroom. They will all be pretty much some form of gray because I fucking love gray. I know that like every blogger in the land loves gray but my love for gray runs deep and my love for it will outlast any trend.
On that note, I found incredibly difficult to find the perfect gray for downstairs and our bedroom. I found some wonderful inspiration photos on the web and literally ran through every gray Benjamin Moore produces. I texted my sister daily for weeks saying, "Check out Galveston Gray" or "what do you think of Chelsea Gray for the master?" or "is Balboa Mist too neutral?". I'm really suprised she didn't lose her shit on me.
After a few weeks,I'd narrowed (using that word loosely) it down to these grays:
Finally, after weeks and weeks, I decided on Benjamin Moore Abalone for the downstairs and Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray for our master bedroom.
Here are my inspiration photos:
How gorgeus is this color??? I die. (source)
LOVE. (source)

Harbor Gray

I can't wait to see this color in our bedroom (source)

Looking at these pictures, these colors look eerily similar but from my research I've heard that Abalone is very neutral and that Harbor Gray is darker than expected. Obviously, I'm still going to test them out on my walls when I get in there (finally!) on Monday but I'm feeling pretty confident about colors!

Do you have a gray paint color you love? I probably shouldn't ask because I'll drive myself (and many others) crazy but please do share!

September 5, 2012

Brooklyn Bachelorette

After my long  brief hiatus from this here blog, I'm back to tell you about the bachelorette party I attended in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. Guys. Brooklyn is amazing. I want to move there immediately and camp out on the sidewalk in front of all the Brooklyn-y goodness that exists. Dare I say it, I think I love Brooklyn more than I love Manhattan. And that's saying a lot since I really love Manhattan. But in all honesty, Brooklyn is way more my speed. We stayed at the Nu Hotel and it was exactly like I imagined it was going to be, which is to say, hipster heaven. We stayed in Brooklyn and hung out at the hotel Friday night with fun bachelorette props and a late night trip to the nearest diner. Saturday we went back into Manhattan, much to my chagrin since I was loving Brooklyn so much, to drink German beer and eat sausages and end up at probably the preppiest bar in NYC. But it was all great fun and like I said before, my days of bachelorette parties are dwindling so I'm glad I attended this one.

Friday night: 

Me, sis, and the bride-to-be!
All the ladies!
The bride-to-be and me! Can't wait to be a bridesmaid in October!
 Saturday morning my sister and I got up early to walk around and check out Brooklyn and this is where my love affair with Brooklyn begins:

I wanted to buy everything I saw in Smith + Butler

I almost did buy everything in By Brooklyn. I resisted and came home with a Gowanus Canal water bottle and these lovely slate coasters by Brooklyn Slate Company. I almost went back for the cheese plate and kind of upset I didn't.
On what grounds? On the grounds of Brooklyn! {Name that movie}

 Saturday afternoon we hit up the spa for mani/pedis. We booked the Bachelorette package at the Nu Hotel and pedicures were included. The spa, Apple Spa, was great {they gave out free neck massages that were ahhhmazing!}

Lunch at Verde 

 And, finally, Saturday night:
The Boot at Lederhosen!


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