March 11, 2014


Lately I've been... 
Munching.. so many things! I went on a cooking tear last night and slow roasted a chicken with this recipe Herbed Faux-tisserie Chicken and Potatoes from the latest issue of Bon Appetit and made Two Peas and their Pod's Asian Quinoa salad. I am sick of turkey sandwiches for lunch so I'm trying out the salad as a lunch. I will report back once I've eaten it today for lunch. Fingers crossed I like it. This kale salad has been on major rotation in this house. 
Asian Quinoa Salad Recipe on A quick and healthy salad that is full of flavor!


Sipping.. on the weekends, red wine. During the week, more tea and lots of H2O around here.
Reading.. Recently finished up The Fault in our Stars. It was definitely heartbreaking and intense and I really enjoyed it but I wasn't completely enamored of it. Will definitely see the movie, though. Currently reading Eleanor and Park and again, liking it a lot but not completely obsessed like some people have been. We'll see how I feel about it the further I get into it. Young adult romance, FTW!
The Fault in Our Stars.jpg

Listening to... Jill Barber radio on Pandora. Last night Amy Winehouse's version of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow came on and I cannot believe I've never heard it before. Absolutely adore her version.
Looking forward to.. the weekend being here again. I'm over workig
Hoping..that our Spring Break is safe from being taken from us to make up for so many snow days. 
Thinking.. about so many things. You know those times where you're contemplating life and wishing someone would tell you exactly how things are going to turn out? Yeah, that's where I am right now .
Wanting..the decent weather to stay!

March 7, 2014

Five on Friday!

Let's pretend I didn't take an almost month long hiatus, okay? Because LIFE. I hate using the busy excuse because that's not really it, its actually terrible time management on my part. But let's pick back up with another installment of Five on Friday!

1. Friday + Saturday + Sunday: I am so looking forward to this weekend. Even with a snow day Monday I feel like I've been dragging ass/losing my shit all week. I rear ended someone - who turned out not to be just a someone she was actually in my sorority in college. Let me tell you, its equal parts good and equal parts totally humiliating to rear end someone you know. Thankfully, there was very, very little damage and she was incredibly understanding about the whole thing. I am seriously a terrible driver. Then, later in the week my 6th period class (which is full of Regina Georges and I am everyone in the Burn Book) caused me a huge embarrassment in front of coworkers that I'm not that familiar with so that didn't feel good.Like I haven't been that humiliated in my professional career thus far kind of embarrassment. Did I mention that there were shooting rumors at my school? That was fun. But you know what did make me feel good? Book club and cupcakes on Wednesday and my pup and red wine on Thursday.  

2. Pop Physique and Bikram Yoga: I've been dragging my tired/frustrated/cranky ass to Bikram every Tuesday evening at 6pm and Friday morning at 6am. Its brutal but worth it. I've also managed to make it to Pop Physique almost every weekend. Loving it all but also need to hit the pavement -- half marathon in less than two months! Yikes. Not sure what I was thinking. 

3. Shoshanna Lace Olivia Dress: I found this dress on super sale at a local boutique here in Baltimore. I am wearing it this weekend to my husband's work gala. I am so excited to get dressed up and go to something fancy. As awesome as it is to wear yoga pants, tee-shirts, tennis shoes, and no makeup to work everyday, it does get old after awhile so I am pumped to get fancy this weekend! I am also getting my hair blown out and styled at Haute Blow Dry Bar--I've never visited one of these before so I'm very excited. 
4. Wedges: I am about five years late to the game but I just discovered how awesome wedges are and now own three pairs. The same night I found the Shoshanna dress I found these L.K. Bennett wedges on super sale at another local boutique. Last pair and in my size- fate if you ask me. They are so comfortable and really elevate an outfit. I wore a sweater and skinny jeans with the wedges to dinner the other night and felt like I looked so much better than I would have if I was wearing flats. The other two pairs I own now are the J.Crew Factory Sylvia wedges in bronzed clay and black, both bought during the 40% off and 30% off sale making them come in at well under $100 including shipping! 

Factory Sylvia patent wedges
Factory Sylvia patent wedges
5. Nike Air Max 90s: On the flip side of my newfound love of wedges is an old flame that still burns, the Nike Air Max 90s. I love these shoes and recently acquired a new pair via eBay for an incredibly reasonable price. G got a new pair as well. The couple that wears Air Max 90s together, stays together. That's the truth, y'all! I wear them all the time with ankle jeans and a sweater or with black leggings and a chambray shirt. My original pair is very bright-- mostly pink and purple with touches of gray so I was looking for a more neutral pair-- although I wouldn't necessarily call the ones I just got neutral, they're not as loud as my current pair :)
These are the closest I could find to my original pair, mine are a tad different (via)

Item picture
The new pair!

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

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