September 5, 2012

Brooklyn Bachelorette

After my long  brief hiatus from this here blog, I'm back to tell you about the bachelorette party I attended in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. Guys. Brooklyn is amazing. I want to move there immediately and camp out on the sidewalk in front of all the Brooklyn-y goodness that exists. Dare I say it, I think I love Brooklyn more than I love Manhattan. And that's saying a lot since I really love Manhattan. But in all honesty, Brooklyn is way more my speed. We stayed at the Nu Hotel and it was exactly like I imagined it was going to be, which is to say, hipster heaven. We stayed in Brooklyn and hung out at the hotel Friday night with fun bachelorette props and a late night trip to the nearest diner. Saturday we went back into Manhattan, much to my chagrin since I was loving Brooklyn so much, to drink German beer and eat sausages and end up at probably the preppiest bar in NYC. But it was all great fun and like I said before, my days of bachelorette parties are dwindling so I'm glad I attended this one.

Friday night: 

Me, sis, and the bride-to-be!
All the ladies!
The bride-to-be and me! Can't wait to be a bridesmaid in October!
 Saturday morning my sister and I got up early to walk around and check out Brooklyn and this is where my love affair with Brooklyn begins:

I wanted to buy everything I saw in Smith + Butler

I almost did buy everything in By Brooklyn. I resisted and came home with a Gowanus Canal water bottle and these lovely slate coasters by Brooklyn Slate Company. I almost went back for the cheese plate and kind of upset I didn't.
On what grounds? On the grounds of Brooklyn! {Name that movie}

 Saturday afternoon we hit up the spa for mani/pedis. We booked the Bachelorette package at the Nu Hotel and pedicures were included. The spa, Apple Spa, was great {they gave out free neck massages that were ahhhmazing!}

Lunch at Verde 

 And, finally, Saturday night:
The Boot at Lederhosen!



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