March 22, 2018

Thoughts for Thursday: Latest Amazon Favorites

1. Rose Quartz Gua Shua: This scraping/massage tool is designed to increase circulation of facial blood flow and lymphatic drainage. I definitely see a difference in my skin tone and feel after using it! I follow this YouTube tutorial when doing it. 

2. Skoolzy Peg Board Set: Naps for my toddler are hit or miss these days so I have been accumulating toys he can play with by himself so I can get things done around the house. This peg board has been a huge hit with him! 

3. Rapid Egg Cooker: I love having eggs for breakfast in the morning but don't always have the time to make scrambled eggs. I've begun making hard boiled eggs to cut down on time and while using a pot and boiling water to make eggs isn't hard, I'm excited to have this gadget do it for me, ha. I haven't received this item yet so I'll report back once I've used for it awhile. 

4. True Roots by Kristin Cavallari: I might be in the minority here, but I like Kristin Cavallari. She seems like someone I'd want to be friends with in really life (she seems to be just the right amount of bitchy, haha). I'm trying to cut down on some different types of food (mainly dairy) and the food she makes on her instastories seems to be pretty good. It doesn't come out until April 3rd so again, I'll report back once I've cooked a few recipes! 

5. Nursing nightgowns: I cannot say enough about these nursing nightgowns! They are so comfortable and easy. The bra is padded which I love. Great price point, too! Should also note that they are marketed for maternity use as well. I didn't wear them while pregnant but the material is soft and stretchy so I'm sure they are magical for pregnancy!

6. Silicone Manual Breast Pump: This thing is a nursing mama's best friend! I have a bit of an oversupply, so I put this on the side that the baby isn't feeding from to collect the "let-down" milk and not only do I get extra milk to store, it helps relieve engorgement. 

7. Yumi handle: I ordered myself a 30oz Yeti tumbler because I am struggling to drink enough water. A girlfriend of mine has a handle for hers and it makes the Yeti easier to use. I got the light blue because I also ordered a Lilly monogram decal to go on the front of my tumbler and it has hints of blue in it. 

8. Reusable straws: I mainly ordered these to go with the Yeti tumbler but I use straws all the time. I'm pretty anti-plastic and I know straw usage is currently my biggest problem when it comes to plastic. Hoping these help me kick the plastic straw habit!

9. Yeti 30oz tumbler: The apparatus I'm hoping will help me significantly increase my water intake! I love, love, love water but since transitioning to being a SAHM 2 years ago, I've struggled to drink enough! 

10. Baby booties: Baby socks are pretty much an oxymoron. Doesn't matter how small they are they do not stay on a newborn's feet! These booties, however, do! They are large and make his feet look ridiculous but they are soft and they stay on, so I'm going with it! I have a pair of Zutano booties in the next size up, which I love, but since this is potentially our last baby I didn't want to spend a ton of money on something he won't wear very long. 

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