February 19, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

Linking up with Nat and Annie today!

My thoughts on...

..my profession. At dinner last night I sat next to two women talking about their journeys to becoming teachers. They are career changers, probably 25-28 years in age, and seemed relatively excited about becoming teachers. I have so many thoughts on this. There is so much of me that wants to say, "run! save yourselves! stay in that cubicle! you'll appreciate it on a Friday after too many wines!" but then there is so much of me that feels overwhelming joy and compassion for these two. This job isn't easy and I do not believe for one second that the first year is the hardest. There are hard years and there are harder years but sometimes, every now and then, you get a glimpse of why you do this. For instance, tomorrow is our faculty basketball game verse the local high school and my students could not be more excited to see me play (I suck buuuuut most of them don't know that) and have told me how pumped they are to cheer for me! 
This would something to add to the list of reasons NOT to be a teacher. 
...barre. Before my wedding in 2011, I went religiously to a barre/pilates class at this super fancy gym I totally couldn't afford but justified because duh, I was getting married. Then, I discovered Pop Physique and was hooked on that for awhile. After that, G and I decided that a gym membership was going to be our Christmas gift to each other this year and lo and behold, about two weeks ago our gym added a barre class to the group fitness classes. I went on Tuesday and it reminded me so much of Pop Physique and I loved it. Going again tomorrow and Sunday and can't wait! I was and still am a Bikram junkie but sometimes it is so fun to workout for only an hour and to some pop music! 
...Louisville, KY. G and I are spending our anniversary in Louisville, KY this year. I have done some research and so far I have Garage Bar, Hammerheads, The Four Sisters, Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe, and Mussel&Burger Bar as restaurants to hit. We're also looking into going to the Lousville Mega Cavern. I'd love to hear suggestions from locals or those who have traveled to Louisville on where to go and what to do! 

Happy Thursday!! 


  1. I love when you get back into a workout that you really loved and saw amazing results with!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Thanks for linking up :) I still need to try a barre class, I'm just so nervous I'm going to pass out since I'm so out of shape.

  3. They just started a barre class as Beachfit too. I think it's actually harder because they don't have an actual bar and you use a body bar. I hear you on the teaching thing and shouting "NO!" But one of my best friends left a high paying advertising job, went back to school and because a teacher and loves it. So...I try to keep my mouth shut!

  4. In college my family talked me out of a teaching degree. I worked for two months after graduating before finding a graduate program to earn a masters in teaching. I didn't teach very long but I loved it - the core of it - the crazy parents, absurd testing, and drama I could do without. Goodluck in the basketball game!
    When I read your paragraph about working out I thought it said you were a bikini junkie! I reread and realized that isn't what it said - but it made me laugh bc it fit!


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