February 23, 2015

Weekend Scenes

We had a pretty low key weekend and considering the snow we were graced with on Saturday, we didn't have much of a choice!

Friday night I played in my faculty basketball game and went out for some drinks afterwards with my coworkers. The game was fun but we lost by 20 points, ha! 

Saturday, G had to work and I headed out to finally get my hair done after way too long! Love freshly highlighted hair!

Before I left the salon, the snow had already started so it looked like this on the way home:

Which meant Macy and I spent a lot of time here drinking hot chocolate and catching up on Girls. Is anyone still watching Girls? I love it and I am enjoying this season a lot so far.
I did venture out Saturday night to meet up with G and some of his coworkers. Had to do quite the bundling before heading out but it was nice to get out! 

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Sunday, as is typical in Maryland, the temperatures were in the 40s! After the past couple of weeks, 40s felt downright tropical! G had to work again so I set out to Whole Foods and did some chores around the house. I took full advantage of the nicer weather to wear something other than a sweater and boots!
Jeans (Madewell (old) but I love these), belt (Abercrombie & Fitch from high school!!), shirt (J.Crew (old) similar option here), driving moccasins (Cole Haan (old) similar option here)  

We hit up our favorite sushi spot, Shoyou Sushi, around 5:15 and had dinner. This place has increased significantly in popularity as of late, so if you don't get there early there's a chance you'll miss out. They stopped taking carry out orders about 20 minutes after we got there because they were so swamped! The byproduct of eating so early is that sometimes you're watching a TV show and the characters are eating pizza and all of a sudden you absolutely have to have pizza right now. Immediately. So in a not so finest moment, I ordered us a pizza (which we ate while sitting in bed- pretty sure that is heaven) from Piezon's at 9:15pm on a Sunday.  
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I had a two-hour delay this morning so my week is already off to a good start! I hope everyone had a great Monday as well! 

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  1. Look at you and your fancy camera!
    Sorry you all lost, but I am sure it was fun.
    I LOVE Girls. Hannah makes me so uncomfs, but it's part of the appeal.


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