February 17, 2015

Snow Day Lounge Favorites

I'm basking in the joy that is a snow day! Unfortunately, it is so cold in my old rowhome that Macy and I are camped out in bed because it is too cold everywhere else in this house. I ventured out yesterday to try to find a space heater to no avail. Apparently, everyone else in Baltimore had the same idea as me. So here we are blogging from bed.
Snow days consists mainly of coffee, tv marathons, reading, blogging, and most importantly: comfy clothes! Old Navy was running a huge sale yesterday so I stopped in and ended up picking up all of these pieces below at insanely good prices! One of the perks of teaching P.E. is that  lounge wear can always double as work wear!

Snow Day Lounge Favorites

Snow Day Lounge Favorites by prissyt 

Clockwise from the top left:
1. Women's Skinny Sweatpants. I've been wanting a pair of jogger sweatpants for quite sometime now and these are great. I'll be honest, I picked up on this trend from my students, ha! Although, they've now taken it too far and are rocking these Emoji joggers and it is truly hysterical.
2. Women's Cocoon Open-Front Cardigan. This cardigan is one of those pieces I always hesitate purchasing and then end wearing it all the time.
3. Women's Vintage Style V-Neck Tee. I'm a sucker for a good tee shirt. I actually only tried this on because I wanted to see what the cardigan looked like with something underneath but ended up loving it and at $5, I couldn't pass it up!
4. Men's Heathered Henley. I often buy clothing items, especially tee shirts and oxfords, in a men's small for a slouchier look. After Hello Fashion posted this shirt with white jeans and the blue scarf above-- tell me she doesn't look the perfect casual cool-- I decided I needed to add these pieces to my comfy clothes arsenal.
5. Women's Lightweight Infinity Scarf. If I absolutely must leave the house, I throw on a scarf for a pulled together look without too much hassle (i.e. when I get back to my bed all I have to do is take off my shoes and scarf and I'm back in chill mode).

Today only, Old Navy has 30% off with the code PRESIDENT!  


  1. I need you to go old navy shopping with me next time! You find way better stuff

  2. I feel the same was as Nat. When I am in Old Navy I don't like anything and walk around completely clueless. Enjoy what's left of your snowday!


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