March 29, 2013

Friday Five Word Vomit

Today you get a Friday Five. I love reading these posts on other blogs and enjoy writing them so here it is:
1. Today is the first day of my SPRING BREAK. It could not have come at a better time. My students have had enough of me and I of them. I actually  had a student (who isn't even in my class) ask me why I'm never absent which I took as a compliment of my work ethic lol. He was probably prompted to ask me this because his teacher is always absent. He must think its the norm for your teacher to be out at least two days a week. 

2 I've been doing really well with my exercising and eating healthier. I've really buckled down on the training for this half marathon and started doing the 100 push-ups challenge. Push-ups are the devil. I'm even going to Bikram tonight at 6pm. I don't think I've ever worked out on a Friday night. Ever.

3. I recently bought a pair of Chuck Taylors. I'm not sure I am cool enough to pull them off. I got these My  husband thinks they are hideous. We'll see what they look like when they get here

4. I am making Cadbury Egg Cookie Cake Bars from the Picky Palate for our Easter brunch at my sister's and also for our Easter dinner at G's mom's house. Truthfully, I don't like Cadbury Eggs creme or otherwise but these look so delicious and I think I'll like the Cadbury eggs mixed with all the other deliciousness. 

5. I have so many projects I want to tackle during spring break. Lots of organizing and cleaning but I also want to relax as well. After break, there are about 10 weeks left of school which is just crazy. This year has flown by

Happy Friday, lovelies! If you live on the East Coast, get out and enjoy the sunshine! It doesn't appear to be that warm out but it looks like spring so I'll take it! 


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  1. I want Spring Break. First year really that I haven't had one. Ever. Booo!

    I joined the Canton Club and love their classes...

    Have a great Easter!


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