March 12, 2013

Anthropologie Wish List

Anthropologie Wish List

Anthropologie Wish List

Yesterday, I popped into Anthropologie to pick up this adorable shirt (it is more than likely a Scottie but I don't care I want it to be a Schnauzer and it will be so!). It should be known that I am like a young child in that I absolutely love animal prints. Like prints of actual animals not like leopard or cheetah or zebra. I have shirts with the following animals on them: bunnies, horses, foxes, various breeds of dogs and a dress with lobsters on it. I digress. The clothing in Anthropologie right now is to die for! I seriously could've stayed there for hours fawning over all the cute stuff. The Anthropologie here in the city just opened last summer and I am so grateful I can walk to it! I'm debating getting a job this summer and was considering trying to work at Lululemon for the work clothes discount but stopping in Anthropologie has me questioning that choice...


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  1. Love it!! PS- you already have a summer job this year


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