August 6, 2012

Lately via Iphone

Pina Coladas poolside courtesy of my dad 
Love the West Elm Istanbul Rug
Tell me why choosing paint colors feels as important and stressful as all the other big life milestones.
Lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant
Mmm...Georgetown Cupcake
I don't watch the show because I find them intolerable but their cupcakes are amaze. 
My girls
Love Marta K
Using her toys as a pillow. Be still my heart.
Great pizza in DC
Yes I had a cupcakes twice in one week... what of it?
Cookies & Cream for the hubs & Raspberry Swirl for me
Lunch with my grandma & sister in Annapolis
Present from my parents
My husband would kill me if he knew I posted this but... a man and his dog
Impromptu date night outfit
Delicious dinner at Ten Ten
Bota Box mini at the movies
Crab feast aftermath
Sunday night Seabridge Syrah

 What have you been up to lately?



  1. Yummm cupcakes!! Cute little Facey :)

  2. i had a cold, so my weekend hasn't been nearly as fun

  3. all of this makes it so tempting to move to d.c. as i often miss my home state of virginia (orange line baby!) hope all the decorating goes well.


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