August 9, 2012


Yesterday afternoon my dad and I went antiquing at a local antique shop that we have both been hankering to go to. My dad has a real thing for old stuff and though it irks my mother since he's constantly bringing random things into their house, he's a great antiquing partner! The antique store is called Then... & Again Antiques and it is located in Annapolis. I've passed it probably a million times but have never gone inside, it is huge! Seriously, it was like a vortex. We were in there for an hour and a half and didn't even realize it. I came home with a few items but there was a lot of goodness so I'm sharing below!

Loved this little side table. I think it would be perfect for a guest bathroom!
Thought the color of this shelf was so fun and I loved the shell looking bowls on the 2nd shelf!
Something you should know about me: I LOVE animal things (prints, figurines, pictures, or in this case a cookie jar). I thought it was  a schnauzer and I would've totally bought but when I turned it over it said scottie and I don't pretend that scotties are schnauzers because they're not.
Gorgeous set of silver
I thought these toast holders were adorable!
So many bookends! This was one shelf of like 50.
I thought this table was gorgeous! I love the bright color!
Beautiful, intricate china cabinet
There was a small rack of clothes and every piece was some degree of ridiculous. Like that pink robe thing.
A shelf dedicated entirely to dogs! I didn't get those brass dog bookends and I'm kicking myself. I might have to go back for them.
Duck bookends- love!
These reminded me of college. I thought it was so cool when I saw these in people's houses. Lol.
This is one of the most bizarre bloom holders I have ever seen
A whole lotta pink & red glassware
My husband has been dying for a globe which I think is so adorable, so this came home with me!
Very Annapolis-esque sailboat glasses
I read so much Nancy Drew as a kid
I absolutely love this painting
My mom had this belt in the 90s so funny to see it in an antique store!
There was fake food everywhere-weird
This does look like a schnauzer but it was out of my price range
Bunny bookends! Also kicking myself for not getting these, bunnies are among my most favorite animals ever.
This would be great for succulents!
Pink pig
I told you I have a thing for animals
Old phones!
Absolutely loved these carousel animal tumblers- I would love drinking a vodka soda out of these!
My grandma had glasses just like these - my sister and I loved them!!

You guys? My dad is the best. He drove me an hour and a half in rush hour traffic to help me get the chairs I posted about yesterday, then went antiquing with me, then took me to the paint store and waited while I painstakingly asked the salesperson for like 105 different paint chips, and then listened to me while I yammered on about the perfect gray to go with my new bedding. Seriously, he's the best!


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