August 16, 2012

An Article & NYC

I read this article and had to share because I think its pretty spot on, 6 Things You Shouldn't Give Up On.

My sister and I are headed to NYC this morning! We have a bachelorette party that begins on Friday night so we're heading up today to spend 2 days in the city. We've never been to NYC together which is kind of shocking cause we pretty much do everything together. We even married college roommates (not in a double wedding, in case you were wondering) but that's a different story for another post.

We've got some plans lined up like heading to David Burke Kitchen on Thursday night which I am pretty pumped about (mainly because donuts are on the menu).  As a side note, I had a boss by the same name and he was well, interesting to say the least. Todd English's restaurant tweeted my sister so now I feel like we have a social media obligation to go there which makes me the opposite of mad or sad.

Other than that, we're going to wander around the city maybe hit up some museums and definitely do a lot of window shopping!

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Have a great weekend!



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