February 6, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend, Instagram Style

We had a lovely little weekend and as with all weekends, it went by entirely too quickly. I also didn't take enough pictures to really make this an interesting post, seeing as I forgot my phone at home Saturday night. So really this post should be titled, "Scenes from Friday and Sunday" but that's not quite as catchy.  Anywho, scenes from the weekend...

This is what my desk looked like Friday afternoon


But then this showed up in my mailbox and I decided to forget about my messy desk


The view from our Friday afternoon walk


Wise words spotted on our walk to the vet


Pup ready to get up, Mommy and Daddy not so much


My chicken frying outfit.. I don't play when incredibly hot oil is involved

What was left of the fried chicken after the Super Bowl was over


Staring down the face of another week. Sigh. Why do weekends always go so fast?

How was your weekend?


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