February 24, 2012

Friday Ramblings

1. My 2 days as a vegetarian have been relatively easy. The first night I had a cucumber, tomato, and Vidalia onion salad. Last night, I went to a sushi place for happy hour (I'm not giving up fish so I guess I'm a pescatarian for Lent). The real test will be tonight when I really want to face an entire pepperoni pizza. With bacon.


2. It is unseasonably warm here on the East Coast. I walked to happy hour last night, about 2 miles away, and wasn't even cold. There is not a sign of snow on the horizon which is crazy for this time of year. Of course, last year I didn't want it to snow because I wanted the whole week off before my wedding and it snowed  a lot and we got off for like 10 days. This year, I really want it to snow because I could use a whole week  a day off from school. Also, I bought Hunter boots with the intention of wearing them in the rain and snow.  Yeah, definitely not going to happen now.



3.  I borrowed my parents' Wii and I can't wait to play it this weekend. We "borrowed"  it from them last year and kept it for probably 9 months. We felt guilty one day and returned but now we have it again. It's perfect for this time of year when G is super busy and too tired to go out on Friday nights. I just wish I had better skillz (yes, with a z). I am always losing.

4. We are nowhere near ready to buy a house but there is this adorable rowhouse for sale near our current apartment and I have every intention of going to the open house on Saturday. Tell me this is totally acceptable.  Actually, this is how I roll. I had a wedding date at the church 7 months before we got engaged (I promise I'm not a psycho, G knew and supported the idea. 3pm weddings at my church are hard to come by!).  I went to see our puppy before we were anywhere near our initial timeframe for getting a puppy.  So who knows? Maybe we'll have a house in 3 days.



  1. Your Hunters look great! Good luck staying away from the Dominos pepperoni :)

  2. crossing my fingers for a house for y'all! you never know ... hope the open house goes well.


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