February 28, 2012

First Schnauzer Cut!

The pup got her first Schnauzer cut this weekend and she looks....well, handsome. Yes, she's a girl but there's really no other way to describe it. She also looks completely and totally adorable, at least I think so. Schnauzer cuts just crack me up. She was really in need of a cut. She was scraggly and her hair was getting very matted. The before and after is really shocking.
Here is she is Saturday night before the cut:
Here she is after the cut on Sunday morning:
IMG_0663 IMG_0664 IMG_0665
When I texted my sister the picture she said, "OMG you brought home the wrong dog." I don't think she likes the Schnauzer cut as much as I do.
IMG_0667 IMG_0668 IMG_0670
Her new orange harness also makes her look handsome. That face just kills me.
The groomers raved about her and how well behaved she was for them. At that point, I was suspicious of whether or not this was actually my dog but decided to buy her a new toy anyway. A "yay! you didn't cause any bodily harm to the groomers!" toy. The toy is in fact, the late, great Lamb Chop. Did anyone else watch Lamb Chop? I have to admit I was a bit old for Lamb Chop when I discovered it but that didn't stop me from watching it and subsequently demanding at least 2 versions of the stuffed animal. I tried to take a picture of Lamb Chop but the monster was not having it:

I love the shit out of that dog.

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  1. She looks so cute with her haircut! I have a Westie and I try to keep his hair long and shaggy b/c when it comes to pet-parenting I'm a dirty hippie! He did get the Westie cut once...it was not pretty!


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