November 9, 2012

Snippets via Iphone

Is there anything cuter? I think not.
Printing the housewarming invites!
My new favorite {cheap!} Cabernet Sauvignon Monogamy
Tuesday night dinner. Paula Deen's Cheese Noodles with a side of puppy longing for scraps. 
Sigh. Love my pillows from Whitlock and Co & melongings via Etsy.
Finally finished one Ikea hack nightstand. Looking for the motivation to finish the other one!
She acts like the car is a torture chamber.
Gathering some Christmas gift ideas for a certain lovable little niece!
Enjoying some chicken flautas with my sister at our favorite chain restaurant, Chili's Chevy's
Trying to decide between the J. Crew Perfect Shirt in Tartan or Ivory Tartan?!?!
Getting my hair done last night. You know when you meet the right hairdresser you just know she/he's the one? I love my girl, Brooke. She totally gets my delicate/not normal/awful hair situation. We are working so hard to keep the strands on the right track. Yes, my hair is in rehab. For many ailments. All of which B gets. Love her.  

What have you lovelies been up to this week? Hope everyone has lots to look forward to this weekend! I'm cooking my first turkey for Friendsgiving and I won't lie I'm pretty nervous. Wish me luck!


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  1. Ok, I have one of the J.Crew perfect shirts from the regular store and one from the factory store and I like the factory store one better! Try there first if you haven't...


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