November 16, 2012


This weekend’s going to be a good one. I’m excited!

Phew. Glad to see Friday is here again! This week was a doozy at school but there were a few bright spots. Trying to look on the bright side these days!

  • The husband and I went to see Skyfall last night. It was okay. The plot reminded me so much of the Dark Knight Rises. Have you ever noticed the clothing of the villian's henchmen in a movie? Yeah, me either. But the henchmen last night seriously looked like the fell out of a J.Crew catalog. One man was wearing a shawl collar navy blue sweater with red pants. 
  • You can drink at the theater in Baltimore. Its awesome. We split a bottle of red wine and it was a great date night. We laughed like we haven't laughed in awhile (before the movie actually started). 
  • I am home early from work today because Home Depot came to install our closet. Later tonight, our new front loading HE washer and dryer are being delivered and installed. We will actually be able to do laundry and put it away. This is amazing. 
  • Everything in our house is falling apart. Aside from the aforementioned, our front door lock no longer works and our master bathroom shower is broken. Its also cold as ice in this house because the thermostat is wonky. #firsttimehomeownerproblems
  • Our holiday season is pretty low-key this year and I'm pretty pumped. We have no concrete weekend plans until Dec. 8! Which is good cause we need lots of time for all that laundry that has backed up!
  Happy Friday, darlings! Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. I am waiting to hear if the seller will put a new roof on the home I want to buy! Although, this post kind of scared me!


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