November 30, 2012

DIY Friday: Glitter Clothespins

These are the easiest DIY of all time. I saw them on Pinterest and a few other websites and decided to try my hand at them. The whole craft cost under $10 and took about 10 minutes total.
Here's what you'll need:
Yes, the red wine is essential. At least in my world.
These steps are pretty much self-explanatory but as a former "I can't do any craft. At all. Whatsoever" type of person I know I would have appreciated steps on a project like this. So here it goes:
Step One: Paint one side of the clothespins with the rubber cement.
Step Two: Place the clothespin in the glitter pile
Step Three: Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the other side of the clothespin so both sides are now covered in glitter
Step Four: Let the clothespins dry by laying them on their sides. I left mine overnight but that probably isn't necessary.
I also glittered two pushpins by dipping them in the glue and then dunking them in the glitter pile. That didn't work so well because you have to handle to pins to get them in the wall but there's still some glittler left on them.  I then took some kitchen twine and tied it to two pushpins and hung the clothespins on the wall in my front hallway.
Umm. Let's hope we get some holiday cards soon.
Here it is with one of our holiday cards hanging on it:
Still not very exciting looking but in person they are awesome! Add some holiday sparkle to an otherwise bare wall. I'll try to take an after shot if we get any cards.
You could really use these for anything. I made a few extras and I'm thinking about putting some magnets on the back for the fridge. You could also use them to hold closed little gift bags. Or you could just give them as is because who doesn't love free things that glitter?
I've been on a pretty crafty streak lately. Maybe after the trauma wears off, I'll share how I made this ornament wreath. I took no pictures because there were times I almost threw it against the wall. Perseverance won out over pictures.
Also happening soon around here are knock-off Emi Jay hairbands because I love them but I'm not paying 10.99 plus shipping for 5 hairbands. Although, I think the girls behind the idea are very cute and sweet and I love that a portion of their profits go to charity and maybe when this crafty streak ends I'll pony up the cash for them but right now I just can't justify it. Plus, I'm thinking I'd like to give some of these as gifts. I digress.

Happy Friday, friends!

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