February 16, 2016

Tuesday Trend: Playroom Dreams

Untitled #19

Even though J is still an infant that can't do much and we live in a 1500 square foot rowhome, I can't help but dream about a place in our home for the babe to run wild. I absolutely love the idea of a dedicated playroom and hope that in our next house this can be a reality. The space needs to be functional for young kids but can't be an eyesore either. How great is this tufted couch by Novogratz 9 from Walmart? Only $349 and it turns into a futon! Perfect combination of modern and budget friendly, a playroom necessity! The kid-friendly sheepskin rug is also a personal favorite and I'm dying over the personalized busy board by Mortimer's Busy Boards on Etsy! I think I know what someone is getting for his first birthday (...9 months from now)! I'm a sucker for gold accents and love the bright red color of the lamp. The alphabet print would be great for youngins learning their ABC's!

couch//print//storage bin//sheepskin rug//teething toy//NogginStik//personlized busy board//lamp//pillows


  1. That couch is from Walmart? Very impressed!

  2. Love the gold scalloped storage bin and that cute busy board!


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