February 15, 2016

Monday Musings: Gallery Wall Inspiration

Gallery Wall Inspo

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a lovely Valentine's Day? We celebrated Saturday night with dinner at home after putting the babe to bed. He is finally sleeping a fairly long stretch at night which gives me a little more freedom. Loving it. 

One of my focus areas for 2016 is our home. I have so many pictures from our travels and moments with friends and family that I would love to display on our walls. We also had newborn photos taken and we have a few those of I'd love to get on the walls as well. He is already growing so fast! We have a wall just outside of our bedroom that is just begging for a gallery wall! Today, I've rounded up some gorgeous gallery walls to serve as inspiration as I start to gather frames and photos to hang in our space! 

One// I love the idea of using picture ledges to create a gallery wall. It gives you the ability to switch things up without having to change photos out of frames. 
Two// While I do appreciate the symmetry of hanging photos in a grid, what I think is really pretty here is the color photographs in the black frames and the thin black lining of mat that was used to frame the picture. 
Three// Loving the texture this eclectic gallery wall provides. I love the idea of mixing it up and using more than just pictures. 
Four// This gallery wall provides the symmetry of a grid but gives a little more interest. One day I hope to have a staircase where I can do this! Love the ascending gallery wall look. 
Five// For me, this gallery wall is all about the frames. I think keeping the frames in the same color family but different sizes and with different detailing is really stunning and provides great visual interest. 
Six// Absolutely love this statement making gallery wall. I love looking at pictures in other people's houses so I could probably spend hours taking a gander at this hallway! 

So tell me, what do you think of the gallery wall look? Is it a must for your home or do prefer a more minimal look?


  1. Love it!! I need to do a gallery wall of family photos, I just haven't figured out where yet.

  2. I had a gallery wall in my apartment and want to hang one in our guest room...whenever we eventually get it cleaned out! I love the one filled with the gold frames that you posted!


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