August 10, 2015

Monday Musings: Wish List

Untitled #13

Nike 'Internationalist' Sneaker  // Jena Limelight Booties  // Madewell Chronicle Texture Pullover

Another Monday is here, friends. It is my last week of freedom before school starts. I enjoy starting Monday off with sharing some things that I am loving. I need another pair of  sneakers like I need a hole in the head but these are so cute and would look great with a pair of ankle jeans and the sweater above! I am a casual person by nature and since I'll have a newborn this fall, I am definitely looking for cute outfits that will allow me to be put together and able to bend to the whims of a newborn!

I had to include these booties that I spotted at Rack Room Shoes this past week! I've wanted a pair of booties for a few years but haven't wanted to spend a ton of money on something I will only wear occasionally. However, in my search for a cute but affordable pair, I found that most of the cheaper options look well, cheap. These are $64 and look like a pair you could pick up at Nordstrom for a much higher price, Plus, they are super comfortable. I am already thinking of all the ways I can wear them this fall!

Happy Monday, friends! Tell me what you are loving today!

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