August 7, 2015

Florence, Italy {3}

Our third and final day in Florence was spent -- you guessed it -- sightseeing! We wanted to take full advantage of the Firenze Card so we hit some lesser known spots: Museum of Precious Stones and Palazzo Medici Ricardi. We also climbed the tower of Palazzo Vecchio, which I had no idea you could do! The views were pretty spectacular but I had had enough of the really tall stuff so I didn't accompany G all the way to the top but he said the views were even better at the very top. 

Our next stop was Santa Croce (seen in the 2nd picture) which is the burial place for some pretty famous Italians -hence why it is also know as the Temple of Italian Glories- Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and Galileo are all buried here. There was apparently some kind of event happening in front of Santa Croce at the time as there were chairs and tents so this was the best picture I could get of the structure. It was stunning, as most structures in Florence are! 

At this point we were pretty sight-seed out and I had figured we would be, so I set us up with a wine tasting class at the Tuscan Wine School just across the Ponte Vecchio. We took the 2 hour class called Tuscan Classics and it was SO much fun! If you are planning a trip to Florence, I would highly recommend taking a class at the Tuscan Wine School. Our instructor, Sofia, was so knowledgeable and really made the class interesting.

To end our time in Florence, we bought some wine at the Tuscan Wine School and headed up to the Piazza Michelangelo. It was breathtaking and one of the highlights of our trip. It was so, so beautiful and when I look at the pictures, they seem like paintings! Our favorite bartender, Simone, suggested we hit up Piazza Michelangelo just as the sun was setting and he was spot on with his recommendation, as you can tell from the pictures below it was truly gorgeous.

The wine drinking didn't stop there as we headed to bid farewell to Simone, at Golden View!

Next stop: Positano!

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