March 3, 2015

Tuesday Trend: Nighttime Beauty Products

Nighttime Beauty Products
L to R: Shea Moisture African Black Soap/Bare Minerals Deep Cleansing Foam/Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins (oil free) Night Cream/Beauticontrol Defend and Restore Night Creme

With my skin being more combination now than it used to be, I switch up my nighttime routine depending on whether my skin is feeling dry or oily that particular day.


If oily/breaking out: I wash  my face with the African Black Soap which helps to dry up the oil and blemishes. I have definitely seen a decrease in blemishes since I started using this soap I use the Beauticontrol Defend & Restore Night Creme pretty much every single night regardless, it is a truly amazing night creme. It hydrates without clogging my pores and I feel like my face looks refreshed in the morning. If my skin is feeling extra oily, I'll use the Origins Night-A-Mins instead to help moisturize but also clear up some of the excess oil-- that is where this night cream really stands out to me. 

If dry: I wash my face with the Bare Minerals Deep Cleansing Foam which I have used on and off for years. It does a great job of cleaning my face without that super tight feeling afterwards. I follow up with the Beauticontrol Defend and Restore Night Creme every night that my face is feeling dry. 

I recently added Burt's Bee Garden Tomato Toner to the rotation and while I haven't been using it long, I am happy with the results. It definitely appears to be balancing out my skin tone which is a welcome relief. It doesn't feel overly drying but I do follow it up with one of the night creams. 

burt's bees garden tomato toner-burts bees garden tomato toner 8 fluid ounces

What do you use at night? I love hearing about people's daytime routines but I am fascinated by what people do for their skin at night. Please share!

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  1. i have dry skin so i slather it up some good ol thick creams! but love what you recommended for oily skin. those are among my reccs for when i get asked!


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