March 5, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday: Confession

I have a confession to make and it make get me kicked out of blogland. I do not like Lululemon clothing. Yes, the founder is a dingbat who makes stupid comments but that is not even one of the issues I have with this company. Every single girl in my barre class is shrouded in Lululemon and I truly cannot understand it. Although, I do find it kind of funny that barre class is a row of chicks all in black leggings. Group think, I guess. As someone who wears workout clothing on a daily basis, I can tell you with certainty that Lululemon's quality and price are not worth it. To find out what else irks me, read on:
The reusable bag that Lululemon gives you when you make a purchase says "friends are more important than money" on it. Really? Because I am pretty sure I have to work 2 jobs in order to afford your $64 tank top. Ergo de facto, in order to afford Lululemon I would have to spend more time making money and less time with my friends. Lower your prices or take that shit off of your bags. Either one would make me like you more.

I own a pair of Wunder Under pants. I thought long and hard, asked around, and did research before I bought these pants two years ago. I have taken meticulous care of them. I legitimately wash them all alone on delicate cycle. ALL ALONE. Every single time. For two years. And yet, they pilled almost immediately.  They are pilled along the waistline and the leg seams. For $82, these leggings should still be in impeccable shape. So disappointing,
I do not even wear these leggings to work out because they are not tight like workout leggings should be. I mainly wear them around the house and running errands. To me they are useless as workout leggings. And what is up with the length? I get it that they offer complimentary hemming but why make them so damn long in the first place? My legs are pretty long and these leggings go almost to my toes! Make two lengths if you are worried about them being too short on long-legged ladies. I think a lot of people would appreciate that, rather than paying a boatload for a pair of leggings and then having to hand them over to be hemmed. 
I am all for buying quality clothing but it truly does not need to cost an arm and a leg and if it is expensive, it needs to hold up to years of use. Yes, Under Armour can also be expensive but I have UA gear from years and years ago that look brand new. My favorite running leggings are from UA and cost me 39.99. The Zella Live-in Leggings are also a great pair of leggings for the price and have held up incredibly well through wear and washes. Same goes for Nike apparel. My favorite running tanks are from Nike and cost around $30 or less (on sale currently!). I also have several pieces from the Danskin line at Walmart that have held up really well and cost me less than $15 dollars. 

What do you think of Lululemon? Worth it or not?

Thoughts for Thursday



  1. Girl I dont own a single pair of lulu lemon anything!! If i got it as a present I'd totally wear them, but I'm not spending my own money on them lol! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Ha! I don't wear Lulu one pair and I don't like them. I do love one of their tanks (cant remember the name.) The weight is great, it's fitted and doesn't have a build in bra - it fits my body really well. Can't say the same thing about UA or Gapbody tanks. I also have a couple of their hoodies which I love. I have gotten everything on sale! Zella and Gar gFast leggings are my favorite!


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