January 21, 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

I cannot believe we are almost at the end of January 2015. As usual, time is flying by and it will be June before we know it!

Here are some things I hope to make happen in 2015:

Travel... 2014 was a great year in regards to traveling! I finally made it to Europe which has been on my bucket list forever! We also traveled to NYC, Pawley's Island, SC, Seneca Lake, NY, Atlanta, GA and finished the year off with a trip to Pittsburgh, PA. 2015 will hopefully be filled just as much travel for us with trips tentatively planned for Louisville, KY, Vail, CO and Las Vegas, NV (for me), a trip to the Pacific Northwest, and hoping to fit in a vacation with my family as well! I truly love traveling and hope to focus on it and do lots of it in 2015!
Venice, Italy

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Seneca Lake, NY

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New York City

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Burger at BRGR in Pittsburgh

Read... This is something I love to do but sometimes I find myself opting for my phone instead of books... anyone else do this? Last year, I set my Goodreads (follow me!)goal at 30 books but only read 13. I set my goal at 30 again this year and I really hope I accomplish it. I've already read one book, Astonish Me, and it was so so good! It took me a little time to get into but I ended up loving it. I am currently working my way through Wild, which I have to admit I am not loving as much as apparently everyone else in the world. If you read it, please tell me it gets better! I have so many books on my to-read list! 


Watch... I am totally watching Friends from beginning to end on Netflix! I am on episode four of the first season and I am loving re-watching all of these episodes... such a great show! I also want to start Jane the Virgin.. I haven't heard much about it but Gina Rodriguez was so beautiful and inspiring at the Golden Globes that I can't help it!



Relationships... I want to connect more with my friends in more meaningful ways. Every now and then, G and I will FaceTime with our friends in various places across the country and it is always so much fun! I want to do that more and call more and write meaningful emails more. I want to attempt to physically see them and actually follow through with it.  Life is really all about relationships and if I don't invest in them what do I really have?  I want to do more activities around the city with G and I want us to spend more Saturday mornings being active and doing things together.. and less mornings being lazy! G works long hours and is out of town often, I don't work long hours but I do work a physically and mentally demanding job so it is often that we are watching TV while looking at our phones instead of talking and connecting on the weeknights. I want to change that.

I am excited for what this year has in store for us and I hope it brings us just as much joy, laughter, and adventure as the previous years!

I've seen most everyone's posts about 2015 and I am wishing you all the best of luck in making all of your dreams come true in 2015! 

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  1. I want to connect! I'll keep my phone in my pocket :)

    Happy 2015!!!


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