January 21, 2014

Snow day... again

This makes us want to go sledding. What's your favorite winter activity?

My school district has another snow day. Normally, I'm all for snow days but today was professional development and a day for getting grades finished so I would have liked to be there. It is so nice to have a whole day at school with no students, it gives teachers a time to catch up as well as plan ahead. 

This is exactly what happened the school year I got married. I didn't want it to snow at all so I could have the week off before my wedding and it snowed a ton and I ended up having to take off the last two days of school. The following school year was really tough for me and I was desperate for snow days and I think we got one. This year, we are scheduled to leave for Italy on June 17th and I would love the week off before we leave but with the snow days piling up, that's not going to happen! Oh well, it does give me ample to play catch up on all my housekeeping! 

Happy Tuesday, friends.


  1. 'Im working from home today. Part of that work will include vacuuming.

  2. I've been getting lots and lots of laundry done!

    Tomorrow will be my first day at school-- we have a 2 hour delay and the kids aren't coming. It will definitely be nice to sleep in and then have a day to get stuff done in my room!


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