May 1, 2012

Working on my camera

Remember when I said I have a fancy pants camera and that over spring break I was going to start learning to use it? Yeah, that didn't happen. Spring break was consumed with cleaning and redecorating and no camera learning to be had. My camera was acting a bit suspect last week so when I went to my parents' house this past weekend, I took it with me to get my dad's advice. He's a brilliant photographer and well-versed in all things camera. He'd recommended that I get a polarizer and a UV filter, which I did, but then I was too scared to put them on the actual camera. He put them on for me and played around with the functions for a bit and voila- it was back in working order! Love parents. After that was cleared up, I decided to take a few pictures around the house to start getting used to the camera since I rarely use it. We have two big trips coming up and I want to be able to use the camera so it's time I start learning! I bought the Canon Rebel T1i for Dummies and I have been slowly going through that to learn. Anyway, it was fun taking pictures around my parents house as they have great landscaping perfect for practicing! 

someone needs a haircut
not flowers but still pretty, yes?
my loves
peony blooms! peonies are my most favorite flower every and I am so pumped my mom has one in her yard now!
the husband got ahold of the camera and caught me and my mom fawning over the flora...see what I did there?

 So there is my first real attempt at getting used to using my camera. If you are a DSLR user please pass along any tips you  have for a newbie like me!


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