May 9, 2012


Last night I had the opportunity to attend a workshop called BLOG BIZ + BUZZ put on by the fabulous and oh-so-relatable Meg from MIMI + MEG. The workshop was so insightful. I am really interested in the blog community and have come to really love blogging. When I blogged before, from 08-10, I didn't really dedicate any time to it and it felt like a chore most of the time. This time around, I am enjoying taking the time to put up meaningful and quality posts (although I still have a long way to go in terms of quality! I know I can do better!). I learned a lot from Meg and plan on keeping the packet we received last night as a go to reference on my desk.
While I got some great tips and ideas from the workshop, what I found to be most valuable is the inspiration. Meg is inspiring. The other ladies in attendance are inspiring. She talked a lot about putting yourself out there and not being afraid. She talked about working hard and making yourself visible. Honestly, it was exactly what I needed to hear last night. A few weeks ago I posted about diving in and I feel like attending Meg's workshop was the first step.  I am definitely hoping to grow this blog and with Meg's advice, I think it's possible:) If you have a chance to catch one of her workshops, I wholeheartedly recommend you do ! 

#blogbizbuzz by Meg of MIMI +MEG
Decandent treats!!
Goodies by Stephanie Johnson & Design Darling
I was the lucky winner of the Oia Jules giveaway! I am in love with this necklace!

 Thanks again to Meg and to all the wonderful sponsors of this event:

Can't wait to catch another one of Meg's great events!



  1. Perfect recap of the event!!

  2. i saw another blog about one of her events!! and lucky you you for winning that necklace it is absolutely gorgeous!!


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