September 21, 2015

Monday Musings: Wish List

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Bringing you something other than sweaters and booties for this Monday Wish List! I've been a big fan of Devon Baer fan since she was selling clothes via Etsy, The clothes are beautiful but unfortunately, the price tag has kept them on my wish list and not in my closet.  I'm hoping to score this dress for the holidays this year  - maybe this could count as a push present?? How cute is the ruffle neckline and the gray tartan print? LOVE. I am also loving these half D'Orsay pumps from Kristin Cavallari (whom I have such a girl crush on) for Chinese Laundry and think they would pair quite nicely with the Devon Baer dress! I love the open side and the 3 inch heel is the perfect height, in my opinion.

 It's hard to believe but there are only 66 days until Thanksgiving and only 96 until Christmas... which means there are only 47 days until this baby's due date! Yikes.

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  1. I've also been a fan since her etsy days! But, like you, find the prices too expensive to pull the trigger yet. Do you follow her on Instagram? She does flash sales most weekends! I'm hoping once I land at my "forever size" I can pick up a gorgeous top or holiday dress!

  2. I do love that dress...would be perfect for my rehearsal dinner! Cannot believe he will be here that soon!!! Can't wait to see pics and eventually meet him :)


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