September 18, 2015

Five on Friday!

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1. Old Navy Striped Tunic. I cannot say enough good things about this tunic: the length, the 3/4 quarter length sleeve, and the slight stretch the 2% of spandex gives the tunic make it a great everyday staple. I am currently wearing a medium with a maternity tank underneath and it fits over the bump quite nicely. I have the neutral and black in size medium and I bought the blue in a large as this bump ain't gettin' any smaller so I thought it prudent to have one that will fit in those last couple of weeks! Yes, I own all three colors, I love it that much.
Old NavyOld NavyOld Navy
Old Navy Striped Tunic (Black)

2. Aden + Anais Clothing. Aden + Anais, makers of the cult favorite swaddle blanket, recently launched a clothing line made of the same material with an added hint of stretch. I've bought several of their blankets in anticipation of the mini's arrival and am super excited by the prospect of baby clothes made of the same material and the same adorable prints. There are several styles available: rompers, tank tops, short-sleeve kimono, long-sleeve kimono, hoodies... I could seriously buy the whole website. I mean, just look at this adorableness... (it should be noted that I have unhealthy obsession with stars and all things star printed).
ultramarine star tank top body suit
Ultramarine Star Sleeveless Body Suit 

Night Sky Starburst Short Sleeve Kimono Bodysuit 
night sky starburst hoodie
Night Sky Starburst Hoodie
shocking pink star romper
Shocking Pink Star Romper

3.  Evelyn Henson prints. These prints are simply too cute! We are having our master bathroom re-painted this week and I am thinking a few of these prints need to grace the walls. Due to a paint botch on my part initially, I am heading in a different direction decor-wise. I'll share the mood board with you next week, but couldn't wait to share these fun prints with you all today! I absolutely adore the cities prints. She also carries journals, phone cases, and mugs!
Baltimore Map Print
Baltimore Map Print $24.50

Be an Adventurer
Be An Adventurer Print $24.50

Happy Hour
Happy Hour Print $24.50


4. Okay, so this is totally random but do you all remember The Magic School Bus? First and foremost, it was a book series but in the mid-nineties it became a television series. If you're not familiar, its a science based series in which the eccentric teacher Ms. Frizzle takes her students on a 'field trip' to explore various science topics such as: goes to seed (gardening), for lunch (digestive system), kicks up a storm (weather). I show 'The Magic School Bus For Lunch' to my students during the nutrition unit and it does such a wonderful job of illustrating how the digestive system works. I don't remember watching the show as a kid but I love showing it to my students. I've seen a few other episodes like 'Plays Ball' which is an excellent episode explaining physics. The episodes are engaging and fun while explaining an important scientific topic. I found the complete series on Amazon and I am seriously considering buying it for my own children to watch in the future.
The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series
The Magic School Bus Complete Series 

That's what I've got for today.. what are your favorite things this week?



  1. Okay, those A+A clothes are so adorable and snuggly-looking! And YES on that camel print. I love it!

  2. Saw the A+A clothes in a baby boutique the other day and hadn't realized they now made clothes! Thanks for the link to all of those prints - they would make great Christmas presents!


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