June 29, 2015

Musings on Monday


We had a lovely weekend filled with celebrations -- a bridal shower, an engagement celebration, and a 2nd birthday party for our nephew, I didn't want it to end! But alas, here it is Monday again and it's time to hit the ground running on all of the projects that need to be completed. This might be a negative spin on things but once July 4th comes and goes, the summer is on a downward slope. I mean it's already less than 2 months until I go back to school! 

Really wishing I could hit up the pool today but I have a week left of grad school and two assignments to go, neither of which I've started and one that's due tomorrow! Procrastination at it's finest. I also have laundry that needs to be done, a dishwasher that needs to be emptied, a refrigerator that needs to be cleaned out, a grocery store run to make, and bathrooms that need to be cleaned. I'd also like to get to the gym or at least out for a long walk today. Lots to do so I'd better get started -- hope you all have a great Monday! 


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