August 18, 2014

words to live by

     Two weeks ago when we were in Pawley's Island, SC, my mom's cousin was telling a story about how when her oldest child came home from preschool or pre-K (or something of that ilk), with all check pluses on his "report card", she was so thrilled that she called her mom to brag about how smart he is, what a wonderful child he is, etc. Her mom's response was: "celebrate, it could be the peak". I could not stop laughing nor could I stop thinking about what a good motto that is for life. So, as I head back to school today to embark on my 5th (!) year of teaching, in which I am taking on a new role (department chair), I am going to try to live my life as such and I hope you do, too! There really is so much to celebrate.


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