October 15, 2013

In Pursuit of..

Cashmere Sweaters

I have been searching for months for the perfect black crewneck sweater and the search has not been as easy as I thought it was going to be. I want something quality that will last a long time but also needs to be the correct price point as we're on strict budget over here. 

I looked at and ruled out a bunch of different options and finally narrowed it down to these two above. The one on the left is the Cashmere Crewneck Tunic from Garnet Hill that comes in at $98 dollars has 94 reviews for an average of 4.25 stars. The one on the right is the Hayden Carbon Cashmere Sweater from Bluefly.com and comes in currently at $79.20 but only has one review.

Therein lies my dilemma.. I like both of these sweaters for different reasons but as a consumer, I give credence to customer reviews and often spend a good deal of time sifting through the reviews to see what others have to say about the item. The sweater on the left has 94 reviews the one on the right only has one. I've gotten Garnet Hill catalogs for years but have never purchased clothing from them because well, nothing ever caught my eye. I've never purchased anything from Bluefly.com either so I'm really at a loss in that department.

They are both very adorable sweaters and I just can't decide which one to go with.. I like the neckline of the sweater on the left but like the tighter fit of the one on the right. Obviously, the price of the one on the right is better. 

I'm putting it out there in hopes that one of you reading has purchased an item from either of these places and can speak to the quality of the products! 

 images courtesy of garnethill.com/bluefly.com


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  1. I don't have either. I found a great black crew neck sweater at the Marshalls by the Harbor. I don't love cashmere only because it always pills! I doubt you could go wrong with either one!


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