October 4, 2013

Five on Friday (...after a long hiatus)

That three month hiatus I took from this here blog? Let's pretend it never happened and jump right back in with my favorite link-up!

1. Beauticontrol Skin Care Line. One of my oldest and dearest friends became a consultant for Beauticontrol over the summer (think Avon-esque) and what initially started out as me just trying to support a friend has turned into an almost complete skin care revamp. I've been using the Spa Facial line (purifying cleansing gel, exfoliating polish, defend & restore night cream, and the under eye dark circle and puffiness solution) and my skin has never looked better. It scares me a little to actually write that as I am terrified I'm going to jinx it!

2. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream. Sometimes I can be a bit of a freak about chemicals and the scary things they could be doing to our health. G's cousin works in the environmental policy industry and has shared some scary stuff with me (only at my prompting she rarely gets on a soapbox about it...no pun intended hehe). I tried out a few natural deodorants that can be bought from the store but none of them worked. I discovered Soapwalla on Etsy back in March and decided to give it a try and it works so well! It lasts all day and has a great scent! Its expensive at $20 (including shipping) but I just purchased purchased my second one so it does last a fairly long time. I should mention it is kind of a hassle to put on since you have to use your hands but I feel so much better about using it that I really don't care. 
Deodorant Cream

3. Oasap.com. UM, have you visited this website? Adorable clothes for ridiculously cheap prices. I clicked on a Pinterest pin that took me to this sight and my eyeballs almost popped out of my head. It is based in China so it takes a week to 10 days for your shipment to get here but definitely worth the wait. I was a little skeptical at first, but the clothes seem to be of good quality. You have the option to pay through PayPal which always makes me happy. I'll report back in a month or so to let you all know if the clothes hold up! Here's what I ordered:
Also ordered this in Orange

4. Bikram Yoga. I've been doing Bikram on and off for a little over a year now but just recently started making it a once a week habit and I am loving it! I know there are mixed feelings out there about Bikram but I love it and I like to think I'm smart about it and don't push myself too hard during class if I'm not feeling up to some of the poses.

5. Prissy's Ponytails. My little Etsy shop has been doing really well lately but mostly through Instagram sales (follow: @prissysponytails and let me know if you'd like to order). I do thoroughly enjoy making these hair ties and love coming up with different color combos! This month I am offering a Shades of Pink pack to support Breast Cancer Awareness! 

Happy Friday!!!

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