October 2, 2012

House Updates via Iphone

The downstairs paint job! LOVE the color Abalone by Benjamin Moore
Master bedroom Harbor Gray by Benjamin Moore

Love that we have a back patio but it definitely needs some TLC

The deck off of the guest bedroom. Also needs a little TLC

Ah, don't you just love moving!

The above picture prompted me to pour this glass.

New homeowner priorities. I purchased this first thing Saturday morning.
First meal cooked in the new house, buffalo chicken egg rolls. I used this recipe from Iowa Girl Eats.
The furriest member of the family was a little confused but she's adjusting.
Hooks from Anthropologie.
We upgraded our tv to a smart Google tv. Its amazeballs. I can access Netflix via the tv and I have watched like a hundred hours of Felicity. Again.
The cardboard pile is insane. My dad came and bundled it all up for us.
I made some progress on Saturday and now we finally have a place to eat.
Guest bedroom.. I like the way its going so far!
The living room set up. Throw pillows have been ordered and we have a lot of  things to do in here but its nice to have a place to sit! 

 So far home ownership has been great but has come with lots of challenges: 

  • The dryer is on its last legs and make a horrible sound while its working. 
  • The closet fell in our bedroom and is pretty much unusable in its current state. I had Home Depot come out last night for a consultation. The closet will be fixed and organized for less than a thousand! Its going to take a few weeks before work can begin which stinks but it has to happen!
  • The faucets in our master bath were super loose and the hot water faucet came off. It was an easy fix but honestly it freaked me out at first!
  • I bought primer for a furniture painting project. Put it at the top of the stairs of the basement and it fell down the stairs and now there is sticky primer all over our basement floor! 

 That being said, I love this house. Love, love, love it and I never want to leave!



  1. Looks great! I love the colors you picked!

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