July 26, 2012


This is not a post about the new house. Rather, it is a post of things that I'm excited about/inspired by in terms of leaving behind this apartment and moving to a bigger space. Since I read decor blogs and use Pinterest and Houzz on the regular and did so before we were even considering moving, I don't view this as jinxing anything. It is just me sharing things that make me excited about houses in general.

Things I'm looking forward to about one day having a real house:

....being able to paint/wallpaper. Loving the idea of navy blue walls, beige walls, gray walls, wallpaper. I have so many ideas its going to be hard to par them down!

Kerrie L. Kelly dining room
Kerrie L. Kerry

- traditional - living room - chicago - Michael Abrams Limited
Michael Abrams Limited

Pinned Image
Tara Seawright

....being able to entertain. Currently we live in a 900 sq. foot apartment and we eat dinner at the coffee table. It will be nice to be able to have guests over for a real dinner or host parties!

Martha Stewart Weddings

Image via Pinterest

Bar cart! For entertaining guests


...being able to have a space to myself and to organize! We've lived here for three years, couple that with the fact that I moved from my parents house where I had a lot of space plus the gifts we received from our wedding last year, there is stuff in every nook and cranny in this apartment. It will be nice to have a space to do work that doesn't feel overly cluttered.

Office of Jen Ramos of Made By Girl

lovely workspace / Nice and organized.

Workspace of Monika Hibbs of The Doctor's Closet





  1. Love all the inspriration! Can't wait to help you decorate!

  2. Those are all great pictures to get inspired by! I can't wait to see how you put your own personal touch on the place.


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