June 5, 2013

Half Marathon Recap

So, where to begin? I don't have any pictures of pre-race or even directly after the race because I lost my phone the morning of the race. Sad face. I'm going to keep this recap short and sweet because my experience was great and then went wrong. The actual race itself was a blast I had so much fun and ran a little over a ten minute mile the entire time. I ran the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon and the two major challenges of the race were the lack of shade during the race and the constant hills! It wasn't super hot but we got little respite from the heat the entire race and there were so.many.hills. I felt like I was going uphill the entire time, even the finish line was uphill. Cruel. 

About fifteen minutes after the race ended, I was struck with a terrible migraine. Seriously one of the worst migraines I've had in recent years. I couldn't fall asleep which is usually my go to remedy and the pain was moving from place to place. I was in tears. My husband was such a trooper and was literally at  my beck and call. I used to get one to tow migraines a month when I was younger and then I gradually grew out of them and now I usually get one to two every year or so. I'm not sure what happened. I don't know if I pushed myself too hard and while I'm happy with my time I would have happily taken a slower time and not had a migraine that day. It could have been the heat or any number of things- I'm really very perplexed by the onset of the migraine. I did manage to sleep eventually and was able to still enjoy the evening but it was definitely a damper. 

Enter Monday afternoon. I see a Facebook posting from Zooma about the course. There was a mistake in the route and the course was actually .25 miles short. So for all of that I didn't even run 13.1! In the end, I'm  not too pressed over a quarter of a mile but I still feel a little cheated. 

It definitely won't be my last half marathon but I think for now I am going to stay away from hot weather races!


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