February 6, 2013

Happenings around Here


  • Smash is back which I am uber excited about! However, I did not know there was so much hate surrounding this show until I read a few articles last night... I'm not sure how I missed that people thought it jumped the shark last year? 
  • I had my 2nd to last observation of the school year yesterday. We are halfway through the school with something like 100 days left.. insanity!
  • I have been all about Iowa Girl Eats recipes lately. She is a talented cook. We've had the Easy Chicken Lo-Mein, Chicken Enchilada Casserole, and are currently working our way through Lazy Girl's Ravioli Lasagna. All recipes get a 10 from my husband which never happens. He thinks she should write a cookbook and I agree.
  • You know what else I'm all about ? Parenthood. Damn, that show is good.
  •  Remember that half marathon I signed up for? Yeah, haven't hit the pavement yet. I'm relying on muscle memory to get me throught.
  • Prissy's Ponytails has already had 3 orders!! If you are in the market for some fun hair ties, visit my shop!
Happy Hump Day, Friends!

1 comment

  1. Parenthood is my all time favorite. I miss it.


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