April 24, 2012

Etsy Love

I have a major obsessions with Etsy prints and would cover my entire apartment in them if my husband and wallet would allow it. Today, I want to showcase a few prints I do have hanging in my home because the prints themselves are awesome and so are the sellers. Its always good to support small businesses and being a dreamer of owning my own business one day, it feels necessary for me to support those who are already doing so.
First up, I have a set of three prints in my bathroom from Art Shark Designs by Megan Nolton. These were the first purchases I made when G and I moved in together. I absolutely love adore the red umbrellas they add such punch to our otherwise drab bathroom. I put them in simple Ikea Ribba frames in black and hung them in my bathroom.  I went with prints from the two cities we'd visited together at that point and the city we were moving to together. I put the city we live in in the center and flanked it with the two we'd visited. 
(From left: Chicago, Baltimore, NYC)
Second, I have one of the blogger prints from Lady Lee & Drew Jones. I chose  Molly Rigoloso's Celebrate print to hang in our bedroom. I love the message it sends and read it often.  I just purchased another one for a friend who is getting married and moving to NYC with her husband. G and I love living in Baltimore and love going out and celebrating anything we can so this print is perfect for us.  I also love the punchy color and hope to tie it into my bedroom makeover via the headboard. The picture below if from the Etsy shop but mine looks identical hanging in our bedroom.

I also have a print floating around my house that says, "If you want to know how much I love you, count the waves" but I can't seem to find the seller on Etsy. Its a beautiful light gold background with sand dollars and waves on it. I also can't seem to find a place to hang it. Perhaps over one of our bedside tables?
Do you love Etsy? Have any favorites? Please share, I enjoy feeding my addictions!

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  1. Where is the quote print, I've never seen it before?


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