January 30, 2012

The One Where I Gush About my Dog

 Aren't dogs swell? Our puppy was an impulse purchase. I know, I know you're supposed to have discussed these types of things at length before you make the leap. But it was a Tuesday, in July, and I had organized and cleaned and done all sorts of activities and was just perusing the classifieds because that's the kind of thing you do when all of your household chores are complete. I saw the ad and immediately it emailed to my husband with a subject line of, "PUPPPPPPYYYYYYY". He didn't respond so I peppered him with like 3 more emails asking if he had looked at my link. Then I called him and texted him the same question. He didn't answer.

So I called the number listed and made an appointment to go see the puppy the following day. It would be important to note here that we had talked about getting a dog multiple times and we knew we wanted a miniature schnauzer we just never pulled the trigger. When my husband finally did call me back and I told him I was going to see the puppy the next day  he said, "Well, I know if you go see the puppy, you're not coming home without it." I'm not sure why this particular decision was so easy because one time I spent $5 on shipping and he lectured me on money management for like an hour.

The day we brought her home
I didn't come home with the puppy that day but we did pick her up the following Saturday and life has not been the same since. She is truly the light of our lives and brings us so much joy. She has a great personality and sometimes reminds me of a goat when she runs. She goes by a thousand different names and has a big (like in size) head. She wants nothing more than to bury her bones and tries to, often, in the couch cushions. She's crazy and sweet and a whole lotta work but I don't regret our decision for one second.
Her favorite toy, Mr. Turkey

Not too happy about being in her Christmas dress
Tired pup after a long day of playing

Morel of the post? If you don't have a dog, get one. Tomorrow.

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